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[1.7.07 l 12:23am]

[31.1.07 l 5:40pm]
Kelsey and I were so behind today in finding out about the "Bombs" which in reality were Aqua Teen Hunger Force Ads. Pretty funny, I think. Even funnier that everyone is still freaking out about it even tho we know it's just and add.
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[30.1.07 l 3:47pm]
i love it when I hear people lurking around my apartment.

[30.1.07 l 2:38pm]
okay so basically my day today is going to consist of class, re-applying for a school loan, then some hw. If there is anything going on after I do these things then let me know!!

[9.11.06 l 11:33am]
I feel better now, I guess it was just a funk I was in. Surrounding myself with people who like to have fun helps, alot.

I have probably gotten about 4-6 full hours of sleep in the past two nights and I honestly could continue to do so.

[5.9.06 l 7:59pm]
I live in allston now. If i like you, come visit.
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[24.8.06 l 5:26pm]
I might move to california next summer, any objections? Didn't think so.
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[22.8.06 l 11:12am]
If anyone wants to get me an apartment warming gift for sept 1st, any of these would be great!


[18.8.06 l 5:28pm]
the "party animal" is in full swing this weekend.

see all you drunk assholes on the streets of boston this weekend! <3

[6.8.06 l 6:54pm]
you know when you get this feeling that things don't seem just right with people? Yeah I am feeling that way..

[5.8.06 l 4:43pm]
my parents are getting divorced.
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[2.8.06 l 5:48pm]
sometimes you find things out about people that you never wanted to know...
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[4.7.06 l 6:14am]
yesterday was a pretty good day:

+cheesecake factory
+The break up
+being taught how to drive a standard in the burlington mall parking lot
+seeing caitlin, christine and meredith
-leaving christine's birthday party early because of work at 6 am

I needed a day to go well for me.

[1.7.06 l 10:13pm]
two updates in one day... clearly i need to vent.

I just want to say that it makes me really mad when "friends" come to visit for a short period of time and can make time to hang out with people who couldn't have cared less about them at one point instead of people who really made and effort to keep in touch with them. Hope you had a great trip.

[1.7.06 l 9:14pm]
the fireworks are going on right now in north andover and I can hear them from my house... this is when I really wish i had someone to share them with. Nobody is home until tomorrow so come and visit me.

[28.6.06 l 9:03pm]
sometimes I really do miss you and I wish you didn't hate me so much just because you don't understand.

[14.6.06 l 4:11pm]
I want a free ipod so sign up for this for me and I will do the same for you, haha

clearly I am bored at work... click the site below


[14.5.06 l 4:20pm]
Sigur Ros would have been fun tonight but shit happens...
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[29.3.06 l 5:03pm]
There is only so much you can do by yourself....
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[28.2.06 l 1:40pm]
I have a job interview at PUMA!!!! your jealous.
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